Orange & Bergamot CBD Oil – Energise


Additional information

We all need a pick me up once in a while. This blend of organic essential oil and our pharma grade cbd will have you ready to live your best life in no time. We take ours in the morning to get our day started on the front foot.

CBD contents

500mg Hemp-Derived CBD Oil (extracted in Great Britain) – 99.9% pure

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Fractionated coconut oil, CBD, Essential oils

How to us

The droppers are designed for oral ingestion. Shake well (like a maraca) before use. Place a few drops under your tongue 2-3 times per day and hold for 60-90 seconds before swallowing. Gradually build up your dose for what works best for you – everyone is different! Max 15 drops per day recommended. If in doubt, consult your GP.